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The rebirth of securehive

10th Jan 2016

Having not worked on my web site for 2 years, I decided my New Year resolution was to do something about that.

Today I populated my fashion section http://www.securehive.com/Fashion.htm

I hope you see how securehive is an ideal place to find your every need on a daily basis. I find the best online sellers in the business to ensure you find high quality at great prices.

securehive.com is my lifetime project. I work on it when I have time. It is by no means the prettiest site at this time but amazingly it gets plenty of interest and visitors.

As the owner of securehive.com I have decided to invite companies who retail their consumer goods and services via websites to advertise on secure hive. securehive.com attracts quarter of a million visitors per year. The site is evolving with the advertisers and customers needs, its fast and easy to use.

Secure Hive gets traffic from 1000's of websites, coupled with many 1st page ranks on google searches.

Secure Hive started out as a software solution, now it is evolving into a advertising site and continues to get substantial visitors.

Secure Hive software


Secure Hive works with Microsoft® Windows as a Security Tool - Secure Hive is a legacy solution and is still available for procurement, there are no plans to develop this solution with other operating systems other than Microsoft® Windows.98 up to 8 desktop

In a Microsoft® Windows environment; 98, NT, 2000, 2002, 2003, XP, 7 & 8.

Secure Hive stores your private files in a compressed, encrypted archive that can contain one or thousands of files. You can double-click the Secure Hive archives to edit or view protected files with any application, and automatically re-encrypt after modification - there's no need to save the file elsewhere whilst making changes and then re-encrypt. Decryption - edit - encryption all happen seamlessly and without you being aware of working with an encrypted file. Also allows clipboard encryption.

3 Main Key Benefits
1. Send and receive encrypted emails via outlook ( can be useful with other email clients if Microsoft Windows is used as OS )
2. Create encrypted documents with any media from Microsoft Office upto 2010, Adobe PDF etc.
3. Encrypt folders, files, docs, pics etc on your PC, network drives, memory stick, flash drive and other types of removable drives. Individual packets/hives 2GB at source maximum.

I look forward to doing my next blog soon. please visit again.



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